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Battlefield 3 Spring Patch Release Dates, Final Changelist Confirmed

EA have confirmed that the long-awaited “Spring” patch for Battlefield 3 will be released earlier for the PlayStation 3, on March 27, with PC and Xbox 360 to follow soon after (final dates are still to be announced).

This patch is a big one, and contains a lot of fixes that will change the dynamics of many of the guns, addons and add content that has been requested by us, the gamers, since day one. For consoles, a new “Rent a Server” option has been added (more info to follow on that next week).

Below the break is the final and confirmed, complete changelist. I’ve highlighted some changes with red text and added some illustrations as well.

The new additions since this post was originally posted, such as the new commo rose for the PC, are found at the bottom. Continue reading “Battlefield 3 Spring Patch Release Dates, Final Changelist Confirmed” »

DICE: Next BF3 Patch Will Be HUGE!

Commogain?! (Fan made Commo Rose Concept)

The next Battlefield 3 patch, sheduled for a “sometime in February” release, will be “HUGE” according to DICE.

While few details have yet to be released, we know that along with the new Commo Rose 2.0 they’ve recorded “a ton” of new voiceovers and new soldier commands. We’re also promised a lot of other changes, probably a lot of bug fixes with some further weapons balancing.

Personally, I would like to see better maps, like the ones in Battlefield Vietnam or BF2 even. More details to be posted as soon as we get them!