About me

A very nice picture of a very nice man.


Hi, my name is Tommy Stephansen.

Born in ’84, I’ve always been a gamer at heart. My first gaming console was the Nintendo (NES), 8-bit system. I was sold from day one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a SNES, but with patience came the PlayStation… The rest is pretty much history (for another time and place).

Ever since I first got to toy around with my dad’s first home computer in the early 90’s, I’ve had a strong interest in and love for this computer hardware stuff that runs all our games and apps.

I’ve built, upgraded, and rebuilt my own computers numerous times. I’ve also built computers for family members and friends, and still enjoy doing it now and then.

Building computers is not about creating the “perfect system”. It’s about creating the best possible system to meet the needs of the person as best possible, within a given budget. I just love the feeling of knowing that choosing a certain hardware component will give them better performance for their specific needs, compared to all others, whether that be in price, performance, or both. It’s a jungle out there, but I’ll happily be their guide (… and I HATE mosquitos!).

I originally started this blog mostly for my own sake, at first simply as a place to document how to solve computer-related problems that I would stumble over in my daily life. Eventually I got into sharing news and guides for Battlefield 3 and 4.

Now I’m mostly posting workarounds and fixes for computer related issues I encounter in my daily life again, and love to see comments tumble in now and then from people that have been helped by my how-to articles.

Who knows what’s next? Some pretty cool things are in the works at the moment…

Who knows, maybe I’ll even get to play around with these babies soon?