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Windows 10 Dark Theme Enable / Disable Tool

Windows 10 dark theme how it looksWant to enable the Windows 10 Dark Theme?

I just created this simple tool to make it easy to enable Windows 10 Dark Theme without having to edit the registry manually.

Windows 10 dark theme tool

I also added an option to switch back to the Windows 10 Light theme default.

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How to Fix “Remote Desktop Connection has stopped working” Error

Currently I am using Remote Desktop on Windows 10 to connect to a Windows 7 computer regularly. This has worked flawlessly for months.

Suddenly I started to experience that Remote Desktop would crash whenever I clicked on a folder in Windows Explorer on the remote computer.

Remote Desktop Connection has stopped working - a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

Very strange. What had changed to suddenly cause this?

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Equalizer for Spotify: Equalify

If you’d like more control over the sound in Spotify, check out Equalify.


This little plugin gives you eleven points of equalization to play around with, along with excellent presets. You can even share custom presets with friends.

The automatic pre-amp limiter prevents distorstion and clipping, so it’s recommended to turn it on.

Equalify LogoDownload Equalify for Spotify

How To Stretch Your Wallpaper Across Multiple Monitors in Windows

Even Mr Bolt-on knows

Even Mr Bolt-on knows this.

Everyone with some experience with Windows and more than one monitor connected, knows that Microsoft’s good old operating system just can’t handle multiple monitors very well.

Little has improved in Windows 7, and I was therefore faced with some odd challenges just trying to make a simple 3840×1080 pixels wide wallpaper fit properly.

The only built-in “wallpaper mode” that works with multiple monitor wallpapers is the “tile” mode. However, it didn’t work correctly on my setup, as it kind of started on the wrong display due to the internal “ranking” of my monitors, making the result look like so:

After a quick Google query or two, I happened upon the perfect tool to MacGyver this problem away: Continue reading

Ninite: Install and Update All of Your Favourite Apps at Once

Ninite installer in action

Here’s a great tip to save time and effort if you want to install or update your regular (freeware) apps all in one go: try Ninite!

Ninite is a free service that offers one simple installer for your selected apps, all in one installer. No questions asked, no hassle, no unwanted adware or spyware.

You can download it from, where there’s even a Linux version available.

They encourage users to send in tips about more free software to add to the Ninite installer, so if your app isn’t on the list right now, it might be if you let them know about it.

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Efficient File Copying With Microsoft Richcopy

Download Richcopy Now

Many are already familiar with the Robocopy command line utility from Microsoft, bundled with all recent versions of Windows. Robocopy basically provides a good level of granular control over folder copy operations. Since Windows 7 and Server 2008, Robocopy even supports multithreaded copying.

Robocopy has its limitations, however, and I would most times prefer to use a tool with a user interface. This has actually existed since 2006, when Microsoft engineer Derk Benisch created “Robocopy GUI”, but there is an even better alternative around these days…

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