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Secret Trick to get the Serial Number of a Hard Disk in Windows 10 + 8 & 7

Use this trick to get the serial number of your hard drive in Windows 10 + 8 & 7 without physically taking it out and looking at the sticker!

It’s really simple and only takes a second if you follow these instructions!

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The Mystery of the Server with a Major “Page Fault in Nonpaged Area” Blue Screen of Death Issue

My old file server died a few years ago, probably because of a dead motherboard. Might have been the power supply. Not sure.

Anyways, ever since my old server went cold turkey, I’ve had this bunch of old, powerful hardware sitting for ages.

I planned to “migrate” the motherboard and CPU from my old gaming and work PC to the old server case and revive it, but just kept postponing it again and again for a long time.

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How to Fix MSI Afterburner Not Saving Core Voltage Setting Value on AMD Cards after Upgrading Windows 10

Microsoft forced my mining rig to upgrade to Windows 10 version 1803 recently, and ever since I noticed an issue where MSI Afterburner 4.5.0 was not able to save the Core Voltage value when undervolting GPUs 2 to 8 on the rig. After saving the core voltage value, it looked likt it was saved, but as soon as I chose another GPU in the list, it would show as 0 again.

Thanks to Unwinder on the MSI Afterburner forums, I was able to find a working fix. The issue is a setting called ULPS, which has to be disabled for each card manually in the registry.

After applying the fix below, now the voltages are being saved and displayed correctly.

How to Disable ULPS on AMD Crossfire Setups

  1. Open the Registry Editor by typing “Regedit” in Windows Search (click the Windows 10 Start icon and just begin typing “Regedit” and it should show up). Right-click it and choose “Run as administrator”.
  2. Go to the “Edit” tab and click on “Find”.
  3. In the text box type in “EnableULPS” and then press Find.
  4. You should see “EnableULPS”. Double click on it.
  5. Change the value from “1” to “0”.
  6. Press F3 to search for the next “EnableULPS” value for cards 1 through 7 or however many you have.
  7. Once all cards’ “EnableULPS” values have been set to 0, restart your computer / mining rig and it should now work fine.


How to Fix RDP not Saving Password / Credentials (Windows Remote Desktop Connection)

After upgrading to Windows 10, I have had some issues with a couple of RDP connections that wouldn’t store the username and password (credentials). Despite ticking the box to save the credentials, it would always prompt me to enter the password.

Here’s how to fix the issue with RDP not saving the login information, which should work not just on Windows 10, but also other versions of Windows if you have the same problem Continue reading

How to Fix Alt Gr Key Not Working

If the Alt Gr key stops working, close Remote Desktop Connection if it is open. Try it out now!

There’s an old bug that causes the Alt-Gr button on your keyboard to mysteriously malfunction.

This is an old problem which still persists on Windows 10.

This bug has been plaguing me and others for many, many years. Since we use the AltGr key to produce the @ (at) sign here in Norway,

Even in 2019, I still get this problem all the time.

I just wanted to share the solution in case anyone else has the same issue, so hopefully it helped you out if you’re reading this, if not, please leave a comment!

PS! You can still try to help by voting for this Alt Gr bug to get fixed.

Either search for “Feedback Hub” on Windows 10 and log in if it asks you to.

Then click here.

Or, alternatively, open Edge in Windows 10, and paste this into the URL (address) bar:


Thanks to Slingshot in the comments for this initiative!

Windows 10 Dark Theme Enable / Disable Tool

Windows 10 dark theme how it looksWant to enable the Windows 10 Dark Theme?

I just created this simple tool to make it easy to enable Windows 10 Dark Theme without having to edit the registry manually.

Windows 10 dark theme tool

I also added an option to switch back to the Windows 10 Light theme default.

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