Category: Web 2.0

Woobius Eye Visual Collaboration App

This instant visual doodling application allows you to describe things visually with ease.

Just open the Woobius Eye website, hit “invite” for a link that you send to your friend(s) via instant message or e-mail.

You can upload images from your computer or an image search on the web, then draw on it while discussing options.

Another great thing about Woobius Eye is that it’s free to use and does not require you to register for an account.

Check out the video demo from YouTube, below:

Creating Killer User Interfaces

Robert Scoble had a talk with RJ Owen, Senior Developer at EffectiveUI. He discusses how to create great user experiences for Web apps.

Click here to go to the original post on ScobleShow (new window).

Add and Remove Elements with JavaScript / ECMAScript

Not long ago, Dustin Diaz posted an updated version of his short and to the point guide on creating and removing HTML / XHTML elements dynamically using JavaScript / ECMAScript. His original guide from 2005 was very popular, but perhaps getting a little outdated …

So, if you’re like me and you’re into this Web 2.0 stuff, it could certainly become a handy quick reference for the future.

I recommend you check out his guide “Add and Remove Elements with JavaScript (reprise)”.