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Hacking is Ruining Battlefield 3

After reading BF3Blog’s post about Battlefield 3 hacking escalating to such a level lately that it is totally ruining the game for everyone, I must agree.

Players actually busted a DICE/EA Battlelog moderator called “MrPopper777” who got caught USING cheats himself!  It’s ridiculous.

Reportedly, DICE/EA didn’t do SQUAT. No apologies about it either. They were just trying to quiet it down as if nothing ever happened. For the sake of business, that may make sense, however it was all too obvious and a wrong move on their part, in a PR light.

PunkBuster is NOT the solution
PunkBuster is half-assed and clearly doesn’t do shit against the constantly updated and constantly improved hacks that the programmers are selling to the lame-ass, no-skill cheaters through subscription payments of $14,95 a month. (Discounts may apply if you pay for 3 or more in advance!)

Aww… Poor thing! Why don’t you just try again?
DICE/EA are merely wiping the STATS, not banning the ACCOUNTS of these hackers like they should be. Force them to BUY the whole game over and over if they insist on cheating!

With the way DICE/EA are treating the hacking issues today, the hackers can just go on to create a new character and keep doing it. It’s not good enough! Besides, DICE/EA are spending a damn long time investigating the reports of cheaters manually going through reports. Numerous cheating players at the top of the rankings have been there for months now.

I think they should take their players – their actual paying customers – seriously.

I will write no more posts about Battlefield 3 on this blog until DICE/EA take care of the hackers, and I won’t play the game any more, won’t buy any more DLCs for the game, and I urge everyone to do the same if you’re bothered too.

/End Rant

Edit march 16. 2012:
Started playing again and posting again about Battlefield 3, hoping the upcoming patch will do some good.