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Battlefield 3: More Mythbusters

Another Battlefield 3 Mythbusters video is out. I enjoyed it, and hope you will too.

“Battlefield 3 Myths Tested in This Episode:

Myth 1: You Can Shoot the Gunner out of a HMMV
Myth 2: Rockets are Able to Bounce Off Trees
Myth 3: C4 Can be Attached to the UAV & EOD Bot
Myth 4: Air Vehicles Can be Destroyed with Mortar Rounds
Myth 5: It’s Possible to Destroy an RPG with Bullets
Myth 6: It’s Possible to Destroy the Radio Tower on Caspian Border
Myth 7: You can Kill Someone with the Defibrillator
Myth 8: How Many People Can You Shoot Through with an M98B”

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