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Transformers Suit Up!

Former military pilot – current performer, suit builder and cosplayer Peter Kokis (49 – Brooklyn, New York), spent approximately 675 hours and thousands of dollars to make his latest Transformers suit, based on the character Iron Hide.

Peter explains that he has to work out to stay fit as he travels to different events to perform, as the suit weighs in at about 75 kilos, or 165 lbs, and doesn’t let alot of air in.

With his own company Brooklyn RobotWorks, Peter has made three other suits so far, namely Bumblebee, Iron Hide and The Terminator, all of which he has appeared in around the northeast USA.

All the suits are made mostly out of different household materials, such as cooking utensils and toy parts. All in all, the sheer number of small items that comprise each suite, makes them pretty expensive to make, at thousans of dollars – and that’s without counting the many manhours of labor.

Judging from the picture below, he sure seems to enjoy his new line of work. What cosplayer wouldn’t?

Here are some pictures, check out his website for more: