All Official Battlefield 3 Trailers

Battlefield 3: End Game Launch Trailer

Battlefield 3: End Game Capture the Flag Gameplay Premier

Aftermath launch Trailer

Aftermath premiere Trailer

Armored Kill launch trailer

Armored Kill gameplay trailer

Close Quarters launch trailer (E3 2012)

Battlefield 3 Premium launch trailer (E3 2012)

Close Quarters Donya Fortress gameplay trailer

Console custom server features trailer (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

Close Quarters gameplay premiere trailer

Sharqi Peninsula gameplay trailer

Wake Island gameplay trailer (PlayStation 3)

Gulf of Oman gameplay trailer

Strike at Karkand gameplay trailer

Back to Karkand gameplay premiere trailer

Official TV commercial – Live Action and Gameplay (“is it real?”)

Battlefield 3 launch trailer (new gameplay video)

Battlefield 3 multiplayer gameplay trailer

Vehicles gameplay trailer

Destruction gameplay trailer

Battlelog features trailer

99 Problems gameplay TV ad featuring Jay-Z (full length)

Guillotine Gameplay Teaser (Campaign)

Physical Warfare Pack gameplay trailer

Caspian Border gameplay trailer

Paris Multiplayer gameplay trailer (short Metro trailer)

Thunder Run tank gameplay trailer

Operation Metro multiplayer gameplay trailer from E3

Frostbite 2 features trailer from E3

Full Length “Fault Line” Gameplay Trailer (Campaign)

“My Life” trailer (with actual gameplay footage)

Fault Line Gameplay Trailer Episode 3: Get That Wire Cut (Campaign)

Fault Line Gameplay Trailer Episode 2: Good Effect On Target (Campaign)

Fault Line Gameplay Trailer Episode 1: Bad Part of Town (Campaign)

First official Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer

Battlefield 3 teaser trailer

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