For the Back to Karkand expansion, DICE are introducing “assignments”. Now we know that each assignment you complete unlocks a new weapon. Both the assignments feature and new weapons will be available on both vanilla and Back to Karkand maps to everyone who has the expansion pack installed.

There will be 10 different assignments, all with different situational or kit-based requirements. For example, “Let it rain” requires 20 Light Machine Gun kills and 2 mortar kills, whick unlocks the QBB-95.

By looking at the official¬† screenshot below, we now have confirmation that the previously posted “unconfirmed” weapons list was indeed correct. That weapons list has now been updated to reflect this new information.

Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Assignments Explained

Also, here’s a new official Back to Karkand gameplay teaser video from DICE: