New bullet points about the Battlefield 3 expansion pack Back to Karkand, coming sometime this December:

  • Sharqi Peninsula (Back to Karkand)More destruction than in Vanilla Battlefield 3!
  • Battlefield 2-style Conquest Assault mode is back! As in Battlefield 2, one team will start off with most of the flags, while the attacking team has to capture them to stop and turn the ticket bleed around.
  • Assignments for extra points (as mentioned earlier, specific tasks that will get you bonus points).
  • All the game modes from Battlefield 3 Vanilla – yes, that includes Rush – will be available on all four new maps Sharqi Peninsula, Wake Island, Strike at Karkand and Gulf of Oman.
  • All stats in Back to Karkand will count in the normal global BF3 stats.
  • All unlocks from Back to Karkand will carry over from Back to Karkand to Vanilla.