Corsair Link is a system that allows monitoring and control of hardware by a proprietary software interface called “Corsair Link Dashboard”.

Corsair keeps adding to their “Corsair Link” system, and has now brought out two new options with Corsair Link support: Dominator Platinum high-end RAM sticks, and the AX1200i Digital Power Supply Unit.

Corsair Dominator Platinum

The Dominator Platinum memory does not allow for direct monitoring by connecting directly to the RAM, however it supports an optional fan accessory called Airflow Pro, which can be connected to the Corsair Link system.

As the latest member of the Dominator family, the Platinum RAM series has interchangable light bars on top, which promise to give the motherboard a subtle wash of lighting. White is the default color, but optional light bars in different colors will be made available.

Easthetics aside, Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM kits of up to 64GB (8x8GB) at 2133MHz, and even a 16 GB kit clocked at 2800 MHz, are planned for eventual release. Smaller, slower kits of 8GB and 16GB proportions are the first to make an appearance on the official Corsair online shop, spanning between 1600MHz and 2666MHz (16GB only).

Corsair AX1200i Digital PSU

The AX1200i Digital PSU is, according to Corsair, “the first desktop PC power supply to use digital (DSP) control and Corsair Link”. Connecting it directly to a USB header on the motherboard with the included cable is enough, but it also supports connecting to a Corsair Link Commander unit. Using the Corsair Link Dashboard software interface, you can now monitor, tweak and control the PSU thanks to the digital DSP control, which allows on-the-fly tuning of voltages.