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Many are already familiar with the Robocopy command line utility from Microsoft, bundled with all recent versions of Windows. Robocopy basically provides a good level of granular control over folder copy operations. Since Windows 7 and Server 2008, Robocopy even supports multithreaded copying.

Robocopy has its limitations, however, and I would most times prefer to use a tool with a user interface. This has actually existed since 2006, when Microsoft engineer Derk Benisch created “Robocopy GUI”, but there is an even better alternative around these days…


Richcopy Options

Richcopy is not based on Robocopy, and that’s a good thing, because it provides a plethora of new options for a whole new level of granular control. For regular copy/backup jobs there’s an option to create different profiles with different settings, and the option to pause and resume copy jobs can come in handy when something unexpected happens on your network, or if you suddenly need some extra bandwidth/performance.

What makes Richcopy really stand out though, is not the GUI or the sheer number of options available, but its support for multithreaded copying. Multithreaded support means faster copying, as files can be copied in parallel instead of just one at a time.

The multithreaded support in Richcopy is as good as it gets, as explained in the help file:

“Most of tools support up to 64 per thread. This limitation comes from known WIN32 thread management API.

RichCopy version 4.0 does not have such limitation with sufficient original thread management mechanism as long as system resource allows. For example, you could run more than 256 threads.”

Download Richcopy Now

(direct download link to Microsoft’s original installation source – a self-extracting archive with installers inside)