Sandy Bridge 2500k S-1155 Unlocked (box shot)The new Cougar Point chipsets for Sandy Bridge are now in production, fixing the over-voltage error that would inevitabely kill all SATA 3 Gbit/s ports in most P67 and H67 boards, originally released mid January.

Bringing AMD unexpected extra business as a side-effect, the new chips will take a while to reach stores as part of a mainboard sold over the counter, as things such as logistics and production time are accounted for, as well as high demand amongst prioritized system building vendors. Expect to see the new boards in stock sometime in April at the earliest.

As a sidenote, system building vendors have been given permission to use the crippled versions of the P67 and H67 mainboards in systems where the two functioning 6 Gbit/s ports will suffice, e.g. in miniature systems with limited space for expansions.

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