If you’re experiencing a problem with constantly getting kicked from servers while playing Battlefield 3, it could be a PunkBuster Client issue, rather than an actual server administrator kicking you.

To resolve the issue it could be necessesary to update the PunkBuster Client for Battlefield 3 manually. Here’s how:

  • Download PBSetup and install
  • If Battlefield 3 is missing from the list of games, click “Add  a Game”.
  • Select “Battlefield 3” and verify that the install path is correct. It should normally be auto-detected by PBsetup.
  • Click “Add Game”.
  • Select “Battlefield 3” from the list of games and click “Check for updates”. This will update the DLL files if they’re missing.
  • If the file update fails, your last resort is to download the update files and update manually.

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